Wasabi Powder – It’s Not Just for Sushi!

Wasabi Powder – It’s Not Just for Sushi!

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Wasabi powder is commonly associated with sushi but there are definitely a number of different ways to appreciate this hot powder that packs a punch. Wasabi has a sharp flavour and it’s a nice alternative to hot chili peppers. The heat it provides is more herbal in nature and you can feel the heat dissipating quicker than you’d experience with a hot pepper.
Whip up some quick wasabi paste by combining the powder with warm water or make an incredible cream sauce using warm cream instead of water. This “Japanese horseradish” is a staple in most homes in Japan and can be found in many pantries across Asia. As sushi continues to become more popular in the West, it can also be found in many homes across Canada and the United States. If you love sushi, or serve it at your restaurant, you’ll want to order this powder in bulk.
Sushi just isn’t the same without wasabi but at the same time there are many other uses for it. Instead of adding Dijon mustard to your next hero sandwich, add some of this powder instead. Mix up some of the wasabi powder with mayonnaise as an instant hot spread for a sub or sandwich, add some to your potatoes before mashing them or use it as a delicious taste treat in your homemade mustard.

Sprinkle some of the powder on roasted nuts or add it to your favourite marinade or vinaigrette recipe. Become creative with the powder that has taken North America by storm and is destined to become more popular. Indulge and serve it beside your next grilled meat to blend the culinary traditions of the East and the West.
This is definitely a trending food flavouring that can be used much like other Japanese and Asian condiments like soy sauce and miso and it can be ordered in bulk at wholesale prices. If you have any wholesale inquiries please contact our distributor Qualifirst Foods Ltd. or fill out the contact form at www.yoshitoday.com.

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