Wasabi Coated Peas 400g YOSHI

Category: Dry Ingredients

If you’re looking for an equally fiery alternative to a standard chip and salsa snack, Wasabi Peas are a perfect choice. Deliciously crunchy and satisfying, these green peas are coated in wasabi so you can indulge that spice craving any time of day. They are also great as an on-the-go treat when there is just no time to stop and snack!


Peas, corn starch, sugar, vegetarian wasabi seasoning (mustard powder, maltodextrin, corn starch, salt, baking powder, spices/pepper, sugar, yeast extract), palm oil, rice flour, salt, artiicial color (FD&C yellow #5 & blue #1).

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  • sku: 236300
  • brand: YOSHI
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