Furikake Spice Blend 1Kg YOSHI

Category: Dry Ingredients

The Japanese version of salt and pepper this versatile seasoning is an umami bomb of flavour. Furikake Spice Blend is dry seasoning made from slivers of seaweed, toasted sesame seeds, dried fish, and chili threads and has beautiful colour and texture and bold umami flavour. Serve as a garnish on steamed sticky rice or sprinkle over fresh slices of fish or shellfish. A traditional seasoning on chilled tofu or cold dressed soba or vermicelli noodles. A snack food seasoning in Japan, it's delicious sprinkled on popcorn.


Sesame seeds, salt, bonito, sugar, seaweed flakes, mushroom powder, umami seasoning (salt, mushrooms, garlic, tomato, natural flavors, chiles, miso powder (soybeans, rice salt, aspergillus orzae), spices, silicon dioxide).

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  • sku: 182363
  • brand: YOSHI
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