Kecap Manis(Sweet Soy Sauce) 500mL YOSHI

Category: Liquids & Pastes

Indonesians are serious about their fried rice! Fried rice is an art form for them called, "Nasi Goreng". Kecap Manis sauce is the 'secret' ingredient. Kecap Manis is a flavourful Indonesian sweet soya sauce and thick like molasses and a dark, rich brown colour. Made with palm sugar and fermented soya beans it is seasoned with garlic and star anise resulting in a deep and complex flavour. Superb as a condiment or marinade for satay or charcoal-grilled chicken. It is ideal for steaks, BBQ and marinades. You can now make the best fried rice!


Sugar (contains sulphites), soy sauce extract (water, salt, soybeans 2.6%, wheat), water, salt, colour (plain caramel), preservative (sodium benzoate), acidity regulator (citric acid), thickener (xanthan gum).

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  • sku: 103055
  • brand: YOSHI
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