Sushi Pickled Ginger at Wholesale Prices

Sushi Pickled Ginger at Wholesale Prices

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Sushi Pickled Ginger at Wholesale Prices

If you are serving sushi to your guests, you’ll want to stock up on sushi pickled ginger, which is available at wholesale prices for bulk orders. This flower-like, pink garnish should be presented beside your sushi and sashimi, as it acts as a cleanser for the palate between bites of the different sushi varieties.

Pickled ginger is a condiment that refreshes the palate so that various varieties of fish can be tasted on their own terms. Your guests will be better able to enjoy the subtleties that present themselves in each sushi roll and satisfied guests turn into repeat customers.

Our sushi pickled ginger is made from young fresh ginger that has been thinly sliced and marinated in a brine of sweetened vinegar. Young ginger is preferable to mature ginger for pickling since it is sweeter and naturally turns a wonderful pink colour. This pickled condiment can also be served with edamame and soba noodles, and is a great addition to Asian salads and stir-fries. Feel free to use it as a garnish for pork, chicken or teriyaki salmon. The liquid can also be added to your favourite vinaigrette for a different taste sensation.

Pickled Ginger Health Benefits

Pickled ginger can relieve a number of digestive symptoms and due to its anti-inflammatory qualities can help ease the suffering of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Pickled ginger also helps lower cholesterol levels by preventing blood clotting and ginger can be added to a hot tea to relieve the symptoms of colds and flus.

If you are serving sashimi and sushi to your customers and need to order bulk quantities of pickled ginger please call our distributor at 1 (800) 206-1177. To find other quality Asian ingredients that are offered with discount pricing for large orders please visit

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