The Subtle Flavour of Rice Wine Vinegar

The Subtle Flavour of Rice Wine Vinegar

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There are a lot of different vinegars on the market, and knowing which one to choose for a specific dish has become an art form in itself. Rice Wine vinegar is the appropriate ingredient for a number of different recipes due to its slightly sweet, delicate and subtle flavour. When you don’t want your other ingredients overpowered by a strong vinegar taste, this one steps up to the plate and delivers.

Use rice wine vinegar when preparing your sushi rice to give it the distinctive flavour you are looking for and add it to your favourite Asian-flavoured marinade recipes. This vinegar can also be added to a cocktail to brighten it up or free to pour it over your French fries for a subtle vinegary taste.

Dipping sauces consisting of this vinegar along with sesame oil and soy sauce have become extremely popular. Use this dip for egg rolls, chicken or any other appetizers that would appreciate this type of flavour enhancement.

When you are trying to create a salad dressing that is less acidic, reach for rice wine vinegar. It will tone down the intensity of the dressing so that the flavours of the other ingredients can be highlighted.

This vinegar pairs nicely with honey and fish sauces and while commonly used for Asian dishes it can be a great substitute for any recipe where less acidity would be appreciated. It has a light taste, which makes it a perfect addition to salads and cooked vegetables.

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