Togarashi Nanami Dry Chili with Lime - 60 g YOSHI

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7.90 CA$

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    This delicious, mouth-watering spice offers an unforgettable flavour and fiery reddish-orange colour that is absolutely eye catching. Togarashi is translated to 'chiles' in English and if you are looking for that spicy kick for your rice, noodle or soup recipes, you have found it! Togarashi is commonly sprinkled over Japanese noodles, but it is versatile and can be that little bit of heat and flavour that you add to your homemade fries, vegetables, meaty stir frys or oven-roasted potatoes. It includes red chili pepper, ginger, seaweed, orange peel and sesame seeds, along with lime and lime powder. Spice up your meals and make them colourful and bright with this unique spice. This product comes in a 60 gram container and is made by Yoshi.