Why So Many Chefs Are Turning to Black Garlic

Why So Many Chefs Are Turning to Black Garlic

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If you’ve been watching any of the popular cooking shows lately, you may have noticed that black garlic is being used as an ingredient more often. Black garlic is actually trending now as more people are becoming aware of this tasty food through social media and on these highly-rated shows. If you’ve never had the opportunity to use black garlic before, you’re really missing an exciting taste sensation that can’t be found anywhere else.

Black garlic is everything you would want garlic to be without the heat. It provides an intense flavour to a number of different foods and can bring out the rich subtleties of them. It’s kind of tangy, kind of sweet, and kind of savoury – with a texture that’s similar to dried, soft fruit.

In order to prepare black garlic, regular garlic is roasted for 23 days at a low temperature. It can be used in a number of different ways to add a new dimension to food along with extra nutrition. Add it to butter to inject in your roast chicken, stir a few cloves into your next stew or add it to a vinaigrette. You can also cook black garlic with oil on low heat to use as a purée or as a sauce. You’ll need to cook it quite long until the garlic is very soft.

The cloves can be powdered and sprinkled on food to add depth and earthiness or it can be puréed with oil to add to fish and poultry dishes before roasting. You can add the whole garlic cloves to any type of dish to enhance it and create a brand-new flavour. As an added bonus, this type of garlic has almost 2 times more antioxidants than white garlic.

Black garlic was said to grant immortality in Taoism mythology and while this can’t be promised, it’s certainly true that this garlic has become known as a superfood. If you are looking for bulk quantities of black garlic for your food establishment, we can provide it at a wholesale price. Simply visit yoshitoday.com to request a quote and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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