Ideas for Cooking with Black Garlic That You Can Use Today

Ideas for Cooking with Black Garlic That You Can Use Today

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If you haven’t discovered it yet for yourself, black garlic is a chef’s unlikely best friend. It’s a healthy superfood that adds a ton of flavour to a meal or a snack. When regular cloves of garlic are given the opportunity to age, a chemical reaction takes place that provides the unique flavour. Black garlic tastes mellow, earthy and slightly sweet. As a result, you can use it in baking dishes, as a part of a snack or in a desert.

Here are a few ideas you can use to unleash the subtle power of this garlic:

Add it to toast – Make way avocado toast (or make a little extra room), there’s a new contender. Sprinkle some black garlic on top of a piece of plain toast or use it as a garnish on top of an egg or a slice of meat.

Liven up your burgers – Add some black garlic cloves to your mixture of ground beef before placing the patties on the barbecue.

Marinades and rubs – Marinade meats such as chicken, pork or beef with a sauce or rub that has black garlic as an ingredient.

Black garlic hummus – This is a delightful treat that both you and your guests will love. Pulse the garlic and then simply stir it into your bowl of hummus.

Cheese plates – Once you’ve incorporated black garlic into your cheese plates you’ll never want to be without it again. Black garlic and robust cheeses make the perfect combination.

Black garlic can also be used in your favourite slow cooker recipes or in sauces or broths, as well as in a number of dessert recipes. This is not like typical white garlic you may have been cooking with for years.

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