Essential Kitchen Tools for Japanese Cuisine

Essential Kitchen Tools for Japanese Cuisine

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In order to prepare the best Japanese food, you’ll need to have the right tools available to get the job done. These utensils make a lot of difference when it comes to preparing Japanese dishes in their traditional style, and you won’t want to be without them by your side.

Sharp Knives

A big part of preparing Japanese food lies in the cutting techniques used. In order to create the perfect texture and taste, you’ll need to have sharp knives available to save time and to create the right appearance.

Mortar and Pestle

A ceramic mortar and a wooden pestle are must-have tools for Japanese kitchen. There are many recipes that call for ground nuts or seeds, seeds and if you have the time they should be freshly ground to provide more flavour to the dish. It only takes an extra few minutes to grind them on your own and the taste can be vastly superior to pre-ground seeds.

Bamboo Mats

Preparing sushi is easy when you have a bamboo rolling mat. This mat has horizontal slats that are tied with a heavy string. If you’re going to be making maki-sushi, you’ll need to invest in a bamboo mat to make them properly.

Japanese Grater

An oroshigane grater works well for ginger and daikon. They are available in both aluminum and copper and provide a texture that could be considered fine but not as fine as you would get from a conventional Western grater.

Wooden Drop Lid

This is used for simmering fish and other delicate foods. It’s a thick piece of wood that fits into a pan or pot with a handle at the top and it keeps the content evenly distributed. It also prevents the liquid from boiling by permitting heat to escape at the top edges of the pot.

These are some of the most widely used is pencils utensils for Japanese cooking and you’ll find that they are great timesavers. They also help to ensure that the overall presentation of the dish is perfect.

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