Discover the Taste Sensation of Japanese Soy Sauce

Discover the Taste Sensation of Japanese Soy Sauce

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The soy sauce you choose can either make or break the dish you are serving. Japanese soy sauce is considerably different from other types of soy sauces, such as the regular soy sauce that you may be currently using. Yamasa Soy Sauce brings out the hidden flavours in rice, soups, noodles, grains and meats with its delicate balance of taste and aroma.

When you’re cooking with soy sauce, you’ll also notice that most of the recipes don’t distinguish between Chinese and Japanese soy sauces. Chinese soy sauce is often made with wheat flour while Japanese soy sauce usually uses roasted wheat. The Chinese sauce also often contains added sugar, and due to its processing, is often saltier than Japanese soy sauce. As well, Chinese soy sauce is usually darker and thicker than its Japanese counterpart.

As far as taste goes, both Chinese and Japanese soy sauces play an active role in a professional chef’s kitchen and the type of sauce that you prefer will be based on your own taste preferences. If you are running a restaurant and need bulk quantities of gourmet soy sauce, please contact us today. You can order large quantities of this sauce at wholesale prices and keep it in stock in your pantry for a year or two. When it’s stored in a dry, cool place, soy sauce does not require refrigeration.

At Yoshi Today, we are committed to providing restaurants and other fine food establishments with the best Japanese and Asian products in the marketplace today. We source our foods from their origin so that you can use gourmet ingredients in your best Asian culinary preparations. When only the best will do, our Yamasa Soy Sauce delivers and brings out the subtle flavours of the meal without masking them all together.

Learn more about this soy sauce and how it can bring your dishes to a brand-new level by calling us at      1 (800) 206-1177, or feel free to browse through our website at to see the wide range of Japanese gourmet ingredients that are available at bulk discount prices.

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