Bulk Frozen Yuzi Peels at Wholesale Prices

Bulk Frozen Yuzi Peels at Wholesale Prices

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If you are operating a fine dining establishment, you understand just how important quality gourmet ingredients are. At Yoshi Today, we offer the best frozen yuzi peels at discount prices for bulk orders. Stock up on these peels so that you can serve the best Asian meals to your customers.

Yuzi peels provide a taste that combines the flavour of grapefruit and mandarin oranges. They boast an intense aroma and can be used in a number of dishes including miso soup, Ponzu sauce, chili, marmalade, marinades, salad dressings and a wide range of desserts. Other uses for these amazing peels include:

  • Dried and infused in teas
  • Cold desserts and jam
  • Confectioneries, pastries and cakes

Use these peels as an ingredient or as a garnish. These peels provide an exotic and interesting twist to cakes and marmalades where orange zest or orange peels would commonly be used. Use them whole as a garnish, or cut them up into fine slivers to be added to the top of a cake, on pastries or on other desert preparations. You can also dry these peels and add sugar to them to create a delightfully sweet citrus flavour.

Yuzi peels add a burst of citrus sweetness to a spicy sauce when combined with chili powder. Homes in Japan regularly stock this citrus fruit that originated in Asia. Now you can have access to the fresh taste of yuzi without having to travel miles to get it.

Contact our distributor, Qualifirst, to find out more about our bulk pricing programs for frozen yuzi peels and for other Japanese ingredients by calling 1 (800) 206-1177. You can also get in touch with us through our contact form at yoshitoday.com. Feel free while you’re on the site to browse through our extensive collection of gourmet Asian ingredients and garnishes that you need the most to create true and authentic Japanese meals.

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